Puppy Start Right 4x week Online Course

April 20, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm
Vikki PIckering


Online Puppy Start Right Classes


These classes will be run during COVID19 Period as an option for people who have puppies but can’t attend puppy classes at the vet.

Have you just adopted a puppy?

Puppy Start Right online classes will cover topics that are relevant to puppies aged 7-15 weeks old. 

Join our online classes with your puppy and you will learn some tools on topics such as…..Toilet Training, Puppy Biting & Mouthing, Digging, plus more problem solving and we will cover topics such as teaching our puppy sit, lay down, come when called, drop what’s in their mouth, hand-targeting, and nail clipping, handling & restraint, jumping up at people, plus much more, and we will introduce methods on your you can help your puppy become a more resilient puppy even when stuck at home during Covid19.

Email Vikki or phone Vikki to enrol your puppy into the course.