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Private Home Consultations

Offered by Vikki Pickering Dip. CBST

Resolving Problem Behaviours

Naughty Dog Is your pooch great in many ways except for one or two annoying habits that you would love to change?   Vikki is our private training & behaviour modification specialist and she will come to your place. She will ask you to tell her in detail what the problem behaviour is and when it occurs, then she will then devise a training plan for you and your dog, with the potential for shorter follow-up visits if necessary.

New Puppy!

Aw they’re so cute! But we know they can bring disruption into the home. We do recommend attending a puppy preschool class which will get you on the right track, but if this is not an option or you are wanting a more personalized experience, Vikki can come to you and address some of the common challenges that new puppies bring.

Vikki will give you advice and practical solutions for the typical ‘annoying’ puppy behavior that might be occurring at home.

Here is a position statement put out by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour and their views on the importance of socializing your puppy!

Puppy socialisation position statement AVSAB

Pricing for Private Consultations: 

$70 per hour

Most home visits range from  1 – 2.5 hours.

Sessions are at the dog’s home and will include training plan & hand-outs   

Vikki can give an indication of time required when booking the appointment.

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