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At You and Your Dog, our goal is to educate you about how your dog learns, and what motivates them – and how to train them!  We will teach you how to deal with annoying dog behaviour, using science-based, positive dog training methods.  We know how frustrating life can be when your pooch is 90% perfect, but that 10% that is not so perfect can cause a little grief – we are here to help you out.

We offer a variety of fun dog training classes, private training lessons, behaviour modification consultations, and dog bite prevention education for children, based in the Nelson and Tasman Region.

We encourage the use of positive reinforcement and choice-based learning when working with your dog, as this is a more effective way of achieving long-lasting results.  There is no need for old-school style leash jerking, pushing, prodding or yelling at your dog in dog training.  We will show you ways that can make training fun for you and your dog!  Below are position statements on the Dominance / Pack Leader theory, reward-based training, and the pitfalls of using punishment methods to train dogs, these have been written by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour and the Australian Veterinary Association.

Position Statement Based on the Dominance Theory

Position Statement on Reward Based Training for Dogs

Position Statement on Punishment in Dog Training

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