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Testimonials From Our Pooch Parents

“Vikki came to my house to help me with my new, very naughty puppy. I had had dogs before but never as one as naughty as this. Vikki was so helpful and I particularly liked the way she tailored her advice to suit my particular situation. No hard and fast rules about what should or shouldn’t be happening – just really helpful advice to make my dog better behaved and my relationship with her happier and more relaxed. I would definitely recommend Vikki if you are having any sort of problems with your dog”.

Dinah Thompson and Tansy

“Vikki; Your advice and reassurance was really valuable and has given us all the more confidence to do the best by Winnie.  I even had her off lead last week on a long line  with a friend and her pup and at no point felt I wasn’t in control – such a great feeling”.

Netty and Winnie

“Just wanted to say thank you Vikki for the great support, training and tips you gave me with Bali. Before we started out training it was almost impossible to walk her being quite aggressive and growly on the lead, but perfect off lead. Her recalls improved heaps and she is a lot easier to walk now making it much more enjoyable taking her out”.

Eva and Bali

“Thanks to Vikki’s wise counsel I was able to re-train my spoodle Bertie to spend time quietly in his kennel during the day when I am away at work. Earlier this year he became fearful of the kennel and would howl during my absence, disturbing our neighbours.  Vikki taught me how to help Bertie regard the kennel as a place to receive rewards for good behaviour . Vikki came to my house to assess the situation, model how to manage my dog and gave lots of tips and advice.  She sent us a detailed plan and provided back up phone and email support”.

Sylvia and Bertie

“Hi just a quick note about Floyd, he is doing very well!! Barking much reduced, thanks for all your help and knowledge”.

Dave, Floyd, and Lacie

“What makes training with Vikki particularly valuable is that she is not following the “old methods” of threat and punishment but rather works with the principle of reward which combined with love and perseverance made her training very valuable for our dog and implemented changes in her behavior that are still solid over 1/2 year after the end of the training.  It reduced her fear, built her confidence and made her a much more relaxed and therefore obedient dog who also looks after our other dogs.  It was beautiful to watch Vikki working with all kinds of dogs in a very appreciative but firm way – we can highly recommend her.”

Warmest regards,
Isa and Simone


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