My daughter Millie has been afraid of dogs ever since she was a small baby. Despite being around our family dog since birth she has always been terrified of any dog that came near her, she was even worried if a dog was the other side of the street. Vikki has done some amazing work with Millie over several sessions. First with Vikki’s own dogs, she gently encouraged Millie to first be near the dogs, then to give them a pat and even to feed them. We recently got a new puppy Bodie after our old dog passed away a few years ago. We were hoping that Millie (now 4 ½) would cope better with a small (and very cute) puppy but alas she was again very frightened and spent the first week up on every surface she could to get away from him. We asked Vikki to come and help and after one short hour she had Millie playing games with Bodie and being calm around him. Now 1 month on, Millie actually asks to do some ‘training’ with Bodie, happily puts on the treat pouch and encourages him to ‘find it’, ‘come’ and ‘sit’. It is so wonderful to see her enjoy being around our dog, and will even ask us if she can give friends dogs a pat. Brilliant. Vikki has an amazing calm and patient way of helping Millie overcome her fears and build her confidence in a non-confronting, positive way. Thank you so much for your help. Millie is a changed girl, and Bodie is loving having a new friend.

Lucy Pearson (Millie’s Mum)



Vikki came to my house to help me with my new, very naughty puppy.  I had had dogs before but never one as naughty as this.

Vikki was so helpful and I particularly liked the way she tailored her advice to suit my particular situation.  No hard and fast rules about what should or shouldn’t be happening – just really helpful advice to make my dog better behaved and my relationship with her happier and more relaxed.

 I would definitely recommend Vikki if you are having any sort of problems with your dog. 

 Dinah Thomson and Tansy


Vikki; Your advice and reassurance was really valuable and has given us all the more confidence to do the best by Winnie.  I even had her off lead last week on a long line  with a friend and her pup and at no point felt I wasn’t in control – such a great feeling.

Netty and Winnie


Just wanted to say thank you Vikki for the great support, training and tips you gave me with Bali. Before we started out training it was almost impossible to walk her being quite aggressive and growly on the lead, but perfect off lead. Her recalls improved heaps and she is a lot easier to walk now making it much more enjoyable taking her out.

Eva and Bali


Thanks to Vikki’s wise counsel I was able to re-train my spoodle Bertie to spend time quietly in his kennel during the day when I am away at work. Earlier this year he became fearful of the kennel and would howl during my absence, disturbing our neighbours.  Vikki taught me how to help Bertie regard the kennel as a place to receive rewards for good behaviour . Vikki came to my house to assess the situation, model how to manage my dog and gave lots of tips and advice.  She sent us a detailed plan and provided back up phone and email support.

Sylvia and Bertie


Hi just a quick note about Floyd, he is doing very well!! Barking much reduced, thanks for all your help and knowledge.

Dave, Floyd, and Lacie


“What makes training with Vikki particularly valuable is that she is not following the “old methods” of threat and punishment but rather works with the principle of reward which combined with love and perseverance made her training very valuable for our dog and implemented changes in her behavior that are still solid over 1/2 year after the end of the training.  It reduced her fear, built her confidence and made her a much more relaxed and therefore obedient dog who also looks after our other dogs.  It was beautiful to watch Vikki working with all kinds of dogs in a very appreciative but firm way – we can highly recommend her.”

Warmest regards,
Isa and Simone


“Vikki, a huge thankyou for all of your help with George.  Before you visited us we were really thinking that we would have to re-home George…..or worse.  The advice and help that you have given me has meant that George is in his forever home.  Thanks.”

Jenni and Michael


“Your training course gave Steve, myself and Ted confidence that we were doing the right things and its ok if it doesn’t work perfectly each time. Good also to get feed back from others in the same position with a new pet on how and what they do in different circumstances. Boredom buster ideas have been great – things we would never have thought of.”

Thanks Vikki from the 3 of us.


“Hi Vikki, Just want to let you know how impressed we both were with your training session we had with you and our little bichon. He has never looked back! You supplied a lot of information we badly needed. Louie followed all your directions, and enjoyed the session enormously. We are also comforted to know that you would advise us whenever we may need it. Thank you so much.”

Rita & Bill


“Vikki quickly recognised our dog Nessie required coaching away from the group situation and put herself out to provide one-on-one training with very positive results, well done Vikki.”

Colin and Ellen with Nessie


“Fun, enjoyable, great instructor with backup information on computer to keep us motivated at home. Dog and owner impressed, Thanks Vicki.”

Deb & Tim with PoppyDSC07231





“This course is well worth doing, me and my dog had lots of fun doing it. My family were super impressed with the things the pup learnt and so quickly. It’s great that Vicky keeps the groups small and focused. I’m missing my Saturday sessions already.”

Jackie with TillyDSC07249





“Vikki doesn’t just teach your dog, she teaches you to teach your dog. Many training classes require you to return over and over again as over time your dog forgets. But as Vikki teaches you, as well as your dog, you can confidently keep up their training at home. I have enjoyed our dogs so much more since completing the course”.

Katie with Max & IsabellaMy first graduates YOU & YOUR DOG June 2012 (12)





“For anyone in the Nelson region who is looking for some EXCELLENT dog training (reward based) check out You and Your Dog, set up by Vikki Pickering who is awesome at what she does! Our dog Ollie has completed one of Vikki’s courses, and it comes highly recommended.”

Lauren with OllieMy first graduates YOU & YOUR DOG June 2012 (8)





“Anyone who needs some hints/help with their dog this is the place to go – Vikki is awesome and has helped Milly out heaps, and is still seeing us often to help with some of Milly’s other little quirks!! I highly recommend doing Vikki’s courses – they will really improve your relationship with your dog!!”

Joyanna and Warwick with Milly


“Such a big improvement over the 8 weeks. Thanks Vikki”

Kaylene with FloydPhoto of Floyd





“Our 8weeks in training with Vikki at You and Your dog was great, Mishka and I learnt heaps and Missy is now a trained dog that I’m very proud of. Thanks Vikki”

Colleen and Mishka


“Great training class – my dog Daisy is missing the class now it’s finished…and missing Vikki….”

Sonia and Daisy


“I really enjoyed the interaction Vikki had with my dog and the positive reinforcement she provided. We really learnt alot during the sessions and Patch responded well to the exercises provided. Definitely recommend Vikki as a dog trainer.
Thank you very much.”

Pam and Patch