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Simple Manners Course

Teach Your Dog some Manners!

You and Your Dog Training CoursesOur Simple Manners Dog Training course is the perfect next step for puppy pre-school graduates, as training doesn’t stop once puppy pre-school finishes!  Older dogs are also welcome as it’s never too late to teach an older dog new manners, or refresh their existing manners! 

During the 5-session course, you will learn all the basics that your dog needs to be a polite pooch, plus  learn real life skills – such as how to stop your dog from dragging you down the street on your daily walks, how to teach them to let go of the stinky dead thing that they’ve picked up at the beach, and how to make your dog want to come back to you when you call him at the park!  Plus we troubleshoot common doggie issues like jumping up at visitors and barging through doors, and more.

Course DetailsYou and Your Dog Training courses


  • 5-session course (instructed by Lizzi Gillard)
  • Cost:  $125
  • Sunday afternoons (check calendar for exact start and finish times or phone /email to enquire)
  • Richmond Town Hall, Cambridge Street, Richmond
  • All family members welcome



Any young dogs attending class should have completed all their vaccination requirements. If your dog is over six months and tends to lunge and bark excessively at other dogs when on leash when out on walks, let me know as he/she may not be suitable for this type of group class environment and we can discuss other options such as a private session instead.

This course is not for socialization or playtime; Our aim is to show you how to teach your dog new skills or to improve their existing skills. Your dog will receive underlying benefits during this course by having a wonderful time via super yummy food in the presence of other dogs and strangers, this can be helpful for shy dogs.


Phone Vikki on 0275138879 or email [email protected] for more information. Click here to see the calendar for upcoming course dates.

Some of our PAWsome  ‘Simple Manners’ graduates below

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