Puppy Start Right Preschool

10265505_10152610972227677_7833157967059915183_oPuppy Start Right Preschool is a fun but important course that we offer at Town & Country Vet to start young puppies off on the right ‘paw’ for ages 8-14 weeks of age.  Included in this course is information on how to manage your puppy when they go through common puppy stages and phases, such as toilet training, puppy nipping and mouthing, digging, chewing and the list goes on…..

From about 5-16 weeks old a puppy goes through the developmental phase typically called the ‘socialisation period’.  This is a finite period when puppies are generally very receptive to experiencing new things in their environment – sounds, other animals, different people, new terrains and textures, etc.  From 10873365_10152610972262677_204844730360644122_oapproximately 12 weeks this developmental phase starts to close and puppies are no longer as receptive to new experiences. This is why we run our Puppy Start Right Preschool course for young pups.

10869443_10152610972182677_5639508640343008771_oHere is a position statement put out by the American Society of Animal Behaviour and their thoughts on socialising puppies:

Puppy socialisation position statement AVSAB

Taking your puppy to Puppy Start Right Preschool is equivalent the dog training equivalent of vaccinating your pup against diseases – only in this case you’re vaccinating your pup against behavioural issues.



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Where:  Town and Country Vet Clinic, McGlashen Avenue, Richmond or Wakefield Clinic. www.tcvet.co.nz

How Long:  4 – weeks

Cost:  $8010847169_10152610972092677_2953942017471300338_o

When:  Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and at the Wakefield clinic on demand.  All family member’s welcome.

Phone the Town & Country Vet Clinic to find out the next start date and to book your puppy’s place on:  03 544 1200 or you can phone Vikki at You and Your Dog on 0275138879 for further information on the course content and all things puppy!