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K9 Come Back! Teach your Dog to come when called

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog came back to you – every time?

Dogs recall training

Having a dog that won’t come when you call him can be very frustrating as well as potentially dangerous for the dog.  Join this 1-session course and learn how you can teach Fido to come back more reliably when you call him!  There are many different things you can do that will help improve your dog’s response, and we will show you a range of strategies that will help make your dog more enthusiastic about coming back to you either at home or when out and about.

Course Details


  • 1-session course (Approximately 60-70 mins)
  • Cost:  $35
  • Friday or Saturday mornings (check calendar)
  • Brightwater and Richmond


PLEASE NOTE:  Any young dogs attending class should have completed all their vaccination requirements. If your dog is over six months and tends to lunge and bark excessively at other dogs when on leash when out on walks, let me know as he/she may not be suitable for this type of group class environment and we can discuss other options such as a private session instead.

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