K9 Come Back!

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog came back to you? Even when off the lead at the park with distractions around?


Having a dog that won’t come when you call him and be very frustrating as well as potentially dangerous for the dog.  Join this short 2-session course and learn how you can teach Fido to come back more reliably when you call him!  There are many different things you can do that will help improve your dog’s response, and we will show you a range of strategies that will help make your dog more enthusiastic about coming back to you either at home or when out and about.




Course Cost:  $40

When:  We have a waiting list for this course as it runs every few months.  Please get in touch to put your dog’s name on our waiting list for the next course.  It usually is on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Where:  Richmond or Brightwater

Phone Vikki to enrol in the next course on 0275138879 or email vikki@youandyourdog.co.nz