Kids & Dogs

Education for Kids 

How to be safe around dogs


Statistics show that a very high percentage of reported dog bites around the world are towards children, and most of which are by dogs that the child is familiar with i.e. their own pet, or a friend or relative’s dog.  Dogs show very subtle signs when they are uncomfortable in a situation and all too often people don’t notice these subtle signs and inadvertently put dogs in a position where they are only left with one next option and that is a bite.  Vikki provides basic education to children and adults about those all important subtle signs (dog communication with their body language) and what’s appropriate interactions with children and dogs and what is not.

Vikki offers fun and interactive talks with groups of children ages 5 – 11 years;  The session includes the Three Golden Rules for kids to be safer around dogs 1 – Ask a the dogs owner before patting it. 2 – The safer parts of the dogs body to pat when meeting a dog for the first time.  3 – Stand like a tree if worried about a dog.  Other scenarios are talked about on when it’s best to leave a dog alone, even your own pet dog.  Photos of very basic dog body language are used for some age groups, funky videos with safety messages incorporated, and a dog tricks display at the end with her own dog Asha.   

The sessions are great for any groups of children in the Nelson and Tasman Region – wherever kids gather!

  • Primary schools
  • Scout groups
  • Brownies
  • Pre-schools (Session will be tweaked and made much shorter)
  • Organised groups of children at their home (minimum of 10 kids)


FREE to all Nelson based schools, community centres and child-care centres (Thanks to Nelson City Council who are proudly supporting this initiative).

$50 for Tasman based schools, community centres and child-care centres (this includes travel, set-up and the 45-60 min presentation).

Please refer to my contact page if you would like further information or would like to book a time for me to come and visit.  A minimum of 10 and maximum of 40 children are required for each visit.  School visits, I am happy to do multiple classes / presentations in one day.


Everyone practicing the ‘be a tree’ position

Vikki showing the differences between a ‘happy and relaxed dog’ and a ‘not so relaxed dog’.