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Our Team

Vikki Pickering

Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

Dog Trainer - You and Your Dog

Vikki is the owner of You and Your Dog and is an Accredited Professional Canine Trainer (PCT-A).  She has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology which she gained in 2012 through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Vikki is passionate about promoting education amongst children and adults on how to be safer around dogs to prevent dog bites and help to keep dogs out of shelters as a consequence.  Nelson City Council are proud supporters of her initiative and she frequently attends primary schools, community centres and child-care centres to present her dog safe workshops.

Vikki is dedicated to continued learning, she attends dog behavior and dog training seminars and conferences each year and keeps herself up-to-date with learning theory, research and training techniques.

Vikki’s training methods are based on modern behavioural science and understanding of the fact that animals learn by consequence and association.  Her aim is to use gentle yet effective methods to change your dog’s behaviour. 

Vikki’s Qualifications

Lizzi Gillard

Class Instructor

Dog Trainer You and Your Dog

Lizzi is an experienced dog trainer, dog handler and qualified veterinary nurse. She instructs our K9’s Got Talent, Simple Manners, and Super Manners Dog training classes.  Lizzi is also a qualified dog walker and pet sitter.

Lizzi is has four of her own dogs – Cora and Eva (pictured) and Zsizsi and Hanna the Hungarian Vizslas, who assist her with her group classes.  Her dogs have many fancy tricks up their sleeves ranging from the basics to the advanced and Lizzi and her dogs prove to be a hit when showing off their tricks at various events around Nelson. Lizzi is also an active competitor in dog agility and obedience with her youngest dog Zsizsi.

Louise Royal

Class Assistant

Dog Trainer You and Your Dog

Louise has been our loyal assistant for all of our dog training courses for the last couple of years.  She has plenty of skills and knowledge of the dog world and enjoys being involved with helping owners with their dogs during class time.  Louise used to run her own dog training classes in lovely Hokitika on the West Coast while also having the role as SPCA inspector during her years living there.

Louise is owned by three beautiful dogs Mika, Karma and more recently Oscar.

Diana Martin

Class assistant

Diana Martin is our other group class assistant. Diana is the proud owner of four black-and-white border collies (Kite, Mayhem, Fox and See), and is an active dog agility competitor, as well as being a very experienced and versatile dog trainer. Diana has worked with animals for her

whole life, and is brilliant at helping our students to find solutions for their dogs in class.

When she isn’t training dogs, Diana runs a free range egg farm out in Wakefield.

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