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K9’s Got Talent

Has your dog got the triX factor? We can teach them!

This is a fun 4-session course for dogs of all ages – as long as your dog has some basic skills,  likes to eat, and is okay around other dogs, they will be able to do this course!  This course is a great option if you’re looking for a way to stimulate your clever dog’s mind and channel their energy, looking for something to do with your best bud to improve your relationship, or seeking a great way to improve your dog training skills while improving your dog’s mental and physical co-ordination at the same time.

Thirty tricks are taught by Lizzi Gillard over four one hour sessions in this fun, fast-paced course. There is something for everyone, and the course is designed to play to the strengths of each individual dog. Some of the tricks we teach include:


  • spin, roll over, bow, beg, say your prayers, cross your paws, tidy up your toys, back up, walk on your back legs, leg weaving, fun with agility equipment…and much more!



Click here for calendar to see upcoming course dates, or email Vikki to put your dog’s name on the waiting list [email protected]

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